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All our diamonds are housed here in MUMBAI.
We ship diamonds to our customers through FedEx, UPS, MALCA AMIT.
Shipping charges may vary depending on the value of the diamond and the location of the shipping address. Non-contiguous states, like Alaska and Hawaii will be charged more. For more information, please contact us.
We do list diamonds on our website that are of our own manufacture and in our possession.
Many of the diamonds we sell have already been laser inscribed by the grading laboratory. For all others, we provide in-house laser inscriptions at a cost of $8 per character.
Absolutely! We only carry natural conflict-free diamonds that are Kimberley Process Compliant. We do not sell nor carry laboratory or man-made diamonds.
We mostly carry GIA certified diamonds but we also carry several non-certified diamonds that are hand-picked by our experienced diamond buyer.
We firmly believe that our merchandise are of premium quality. We normally advise our clients to carefully examine our diamonds before purchasing the goods. We can make a few exceptions if the situation calls for it but this rarely happens.
Yes. In some cases, new customers need to provide their company information and details.
We have been in business 20+ years.
Diamonds are mined in over 20 countries around the world. In descending order the following countries account for 95% of the world's production. Botswana, Russia, Angola, South Africa, Namibia, Congo (Zaire), Australia. To this list Canada should be added as it is expected it will account for up to 10% of the total world production.
Diamonds were born in the earth billions of years ago. They are one of natures miracles firmed under extreme heat and pressure in circumstances that can never be repeated whilst we live on this planet. Diamonds are very difficult to find and also to mine. The millions of dollars that go into exploration and then only a small percentage are gem quality determine the obvious answer that not only are they are rare but command am appropriate price.
Simply Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight of an individual gem. Cut is the only element where nature has not played a part hence determines the fire and brilliance perceived by the observer. Together the 4 C's provide the world accepted way to judge the value of a diamond.
The round brilliant cut maximises the balance between life of the stone (brilliance) and fire (dispersion). The reasoning for this is that the 58 facet arrangement when cut to specific proportions allows total internal reflection of light.
Yes. You can download our inventory list with the diamond images and GIA certificates on Rapnet(78634).
You can let us know what exactly you are looking for and we can help you find it.


RIJIYA GEMS is leading diamond manufacturing company , located in diamond manufacturing hub surat.

We are a family business and diamond manufacturer going back 2 generations with a reputation of quality, customer service and value.

Our company is built on the base of family business so the new generation has great involvement in outperforming their own standards, Matching International Standards.

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